Bradford Dillman and the Evil Genius

January 20, 2011

{ artwork by me! }

Until Millie started talking about him incessantly, I had no clue who Bradford Dillman was. (cue simultaneous gasp!) But, The Evil Genius* (Millie) doesn't like it when people aren't familiar with her favorite actors. She REALLY doesn't like it. I've heard she has a torture chamber, complete with an Iron Maiden and rack, for people that refuse her pleas to watch films and tv shows featuring her favorite stars. I've been lucky so far... in my constant attempts to avoid watching Tyrone Power movies, I've found that humor and light jokes will keep the Wrath of the Evil Genius at bay, at least for now... But if someday I stop posting here, and the following week you see a short blog post on Classic Forever, with a photo of Tyrone Power captioned simply "muahahahahahahah! I WIN!" I believe you'll know my fate.

Since I'm pressing my luck with the Tyrone Power issue, I thought it wise to immediately cave when The Evil Genius asked me to watch Bradford Dillman in an episode of The Alfred Hitchcock Hour. Granted, he's a lot more handsome and doesn't have a history of showing up in roles that I'd prefer other actors had been cast in (I'm looking at you Witness for the Prosecution!!) so it was a lot easier to give in this time. And I'm glad I did! The Evil Genius was right, Bradford Dillman really is pretty cool, and while not quite on the same level as Millie, an evil genius in his own right.

The episode I watched was called "Isabel" about an old maid who falsely accuses BD of assaulting her. After watching it I realized I'd actually seen him before, in an episode of The Mary Tyler Moore show, and in The Way We Were.. I just hadn't noticed until The Evil Genius brought him to my attention. I highly recommend that you give him a shot if you haven't already! Now, I'm not going to tie you to a board and stretch your limbs until you pass out if you don't stop what you're doing right now and find a Bradford Dillman movie or tv show to watch, but Millie just might. I warned you. I won't feel the least bit sorry for you if one day your blog is abandoned, and I see a short post on Classic Forever with a photo of Bradford Dillman captioned "muahahahahahaha! I WIN!"

*Other bloggers participating in the Bradford Dillman blogathon are referring to BD himself when they reference "The Evil Genius" but I've decided Millie is more worthy of this title.


Sarah Mann said...

It figures that the evil genius would have an affinity for the best evil-smiler. It was a match made in Dillman heaven.

Millie said...






I love you, KATE! Seriously.

And my torture chamber is actually quite like you described it (although the stocks are my favorite form of torture). I also enjoy making people who don't like Tyrone Power watch Randolph Scott movies. ALL DAY LONG.


And you so know that if everyone is not a Bradford Dillman fan at the end of this weekend...there is some seriousness going down. ;-D

Amazing post! Thank you so much, Kate! :')))

Audrey said...

Oh my gosh, Kate, your drawing is incredible! You are a really good writer, too. I thought this post was hilarious.

Until Millie starting posting a lot about him, I'd never heard of Bradford Dillman either. I just might have to watch something to find out what this is all about!

As for Tyrone Power, I'll admit first-off that I'm pretty neutral about him, as I haven't seen a lot of his movies other than Witness for the Prosecution. Which I loved! I do agree that Power wasn't the the strongest link in the cast, however. I'm curious, who do you think would've been better. Because I had a hard time thinking of someone else. Plus, **SPOILER** his character wasn't really supposed to be likable, ultimately.

kate gabrielle said...

Sarah- It IS a match made in heaven!! Bradford is like the 50's-60's male tv star equivalent of THE MILLIE!

Millie - LOL I'm so glad you like it!

And wow, the Randolph Scott movie playing torture device is WAYYYY worse than the Rack, The Iron Maiden AND the Stocks COMBINED!! :-O THE HORROR!!

Audrey - Thank you so much! For Witness for the Prosecution, I always envision William Holden in the role. He was apparently Billy Wilder's first choice, and ever since I read that I just can't picture anyone else in that part! That, and Humphrey Bogart instead of Cary Grant in Sabrina are my two big casting peeves! :)

Audrey said...

Oh, I can totally see William Holden doing a great job with that role. I never knew that he was the first choice. I also never knew about Humphrey Bogart replacing Cary Grant. Wow, I completely agree that Grant would've been a lot better. Nothing against Bogart, but I just don't think he was right for the role.

kate gabrielle said...

Same here, I love Humphrey Bogart but Cary Grant would have been 100% perfect in Sabrina! I think he was also the first choice for Love in the Afternoon, too, but I'm not entirely sure about that one. I love Gary Cooper, but Cary Grant probably would have been better there, too! :)

FlickChick said...

I swear I did this before reading your posts, ladies (by the way - great blogs all around - you're all on my list!):

Films that would have been better for Cary's appearance: Gone With The Wind, Love in the Afternoon, Witness for the Prosecution, Sabrina and Mildred Pierce.

Mrs. R said...

Beautiful drawing, very good writing.

You and Tyrone Power, though - what to do? Try remembering this - though I believe he was miscast in Witness for the Prosecution, without him there wouldn't have been a film. When he turned down the producer the first time, the project was dropped. It was only after they went after him a second time and he accepted that the project went forward, because the producer wanted him for two movies. And I think he was excellent - he overdid that courtroom scene just like Leonard Vole, who wasn't an actor, would have. Billy Wilder knew what he was doing.

Also that's not the only movie Tyrone ever made. He was excellent in many, many films. And Kate, you've been resisting for so long...methinks the lady is starting to doth protest too much.

Millie said...

Ty is brilliant. Ty is brilliant. ALWAYS. ;-DDD