Dana Andrews

January 08, 2011

A new tribute I made for Dana Andrews. I wanted SO badly to include clips from My Foolish Heart, but the only copy I have was recorded from TCM in SLP mode so it looked super pixelated when I copied it to my computer -- so I used my quicktime screen recorder to record a few clips of it playing on netflix instant watch on my computer screen. All super complicated just for one movie, but My Foolish Heart is my favorite Dana Andrews film. Not just because it's based on my favorite short story (Uncle Wiggly in Connecticut by JD Salinger) but because it's a really, really great movie with two of my favorite stars. I love it so much, I named my flappers after characters in the film (Eloise and Ramona).

Anyway, I guess I have two points - 1. it was super hard to get the My Foolish Heart clips, so watch my video to make that worth it, and 2. My Foolish Heart is an amazing movie, so when you're doing watching my video, go watch the film ;-D


Millie said...



Seriously Kate! Brilliant job at making such an excellent tribute to my husband. ;-D

panavia999 said...

But you have another chance!! "My Foolish Heart" is on TCM USA , January 25 2011 at 8:45AM EDT.
By happy coincidence, I posted a little blurb on my blog for everyone to record this. It's my favorite Dana Andrews romanctic movie. *Sigh*

Carl Rollyson said...

My Foolish Heart is such a romantic movie. I have a shot of Dana and Susan Hayward in the book trailer for my biography of Dana. The trailer is on vimeo and youtube:

Carl Rollyson said...

If you like Dana Andrews in romantic movies, don't miss him in Night Song with Merle Oberon. The picture is not as good as My Foolish Heart but it works as romantic melodrama.