Talking Truffaut with Raquel from Out of the Past!

June 05, 2019

For the last few years, when my good friend Raquel has come into NYC in the spring for a work event we've been meeting up for dinner. It's become one of my favorite traditions to look forward to each year, and this time around we filmed a video for her youtube channel, too! I hope this also becomes a tradition because it was so much fun to record! We spent well over an hour chatting about my favorite director, François Truffaut (don't worry, Raquel managed to trim it down to just over half an hour!)

I feel compelled to acknowledge that I did make a few goofs with the facts, and there were so many times that my mind went completely blank on names or films that I know well when the cameras aren't rolling. I could list every Truffaut movie by heart and yet "A Gorgeous Girl Like Me" totally slipped my mind. And Charles Denning is Charles Denner. Alas! The point is, sometimes my enthusiasm and anxiousness overwhelms the part of my brain that's supposed to remember facts. As I say in the video, take it with a grain of salt. I absolutely adore the guy and his movies, but I'm just an absent-minded super fan, not an expert ;)

Anyway, this was just such an absolute treat and I think it's so fun that after 10 years of knowing each other through classic movie blogging (ten years?!?!) we got to film this! I can't wait to do the next one! :)

You can watch the video on Raquel's youtube channel here. And be sure to check out her classic film blog, Out of the Past, her sister site Quelle Movies, and if you're a fan of her work (which you definitely should be!) you can support her Ko-Fi right here.