July 25, 2010

Me and Millie are Peter McEnery superfans, and considering this fact, we are horrified, disappointed, saddened and downright OUTRAGED that only like 2 of his movies are available on dvd. We're DESPERATE to see more, but can't find any anywhere!!

We're both willing to pay money, trade dvds or give you our kidneys and livers (ok, only I agreed to this one, you'll have to ask Millie how she feels about it) for any movie of his you might have!

The only ones I have are The Moonspinners, Victim and Negatives. I NEED THE REST! Especially Better a Widow, I Love You I Hate You, Rasputin and The Fighting Prince of Donegal.

Please please please if you know of any way for us to get a hold of these, let one of us know! You can contact me at slightlyterrific@gmail.com.

Happy Birthday Ginger Rogers & Grandmom!

July 16, 2010

To movie fans, today is a birthday bonanza for two larger-than-life actresses: Barbara Stanwyck and Ginger Rogers. But for most of my life, July 16th only meant one birthday -- my grandmother's! So when I decided to do a birthday post for Ginger Rogers after posting my Stany one this morning... I felt I'd be neglecting the most important birthday of all if I didn't mention the one I'm actually celebrating this evening with my family :)

Happy Birthday Grandmom! (And Stany, and Ginger!)

Happy Birthday Barbara Stanwyck!!

Happy Birthday to my favorite actress ever!!

Announcing the Summer Movie Blog-a-Thon!!!

July 15, 2010

I am *very* excited to announce that I'm hosting a blog-a-thon over at the LAMB!!

If you were born anytime after 1900, chances are you spent a nice chunk of your summer vacations as a kid watching movies. My grandmother used to spend every summer Saturday at the movies with her friends, followed up by a race to the soda fountain at the local drugstore. My mom loves telling me stories about how she used to pull the mattress off of her bed on the first day of summer vacation and camp out in front of the family television for the next two months, enjoying all of the classic films they used to show on late night tv. As for myself, I used to build a fort (sans-mattress) in the living room and watch my Disney classics collection on repeat until school started again.

Summer brings with it an air of nostalgia -- not just of ice cream trucks, swing sets and pool parties, but of the movies we grew up with during summer vacation. So for this blog-a-thon, my idea is to write about our favorite summer childhood movies and memories. Whether you want to watch an old favorite and re-evaluate the declaration you made at age nine that it was the best movie EVER, or just reminisce about how the boat scene in Willy Wonka used to scare the bejesus out of you (and still does.)

Whether you grew up on kid-friendly classics or Hammer horror films, as long as you watched it when you were little, it counts!

The blog-a-thon posts will be published over three days - August 16th, 17th and 18th on the LAMB blog. When you have your post ready, you can e-mail me a link at silentsandtalkies103@yahoo.com with the subject line "Summer Blog-a-thon." The absolute deadline for sending a link is August 17th.

Jules et Jim (1962)

July 02, 2010

"They could have been beautiful"
"The yearnings of two hearts create such heavenly pain"

This morning I woke up thinking about the movie I had watched last night, Jules et Jim. It's my new favorite.

If the movie that I watch tonight is any good, it will also be my new favorite. It will not push aside Jules et Jim.. it will just squeeze in beside it at first place. My favorite film is 1000 films.

I have about three of four go-to movies when people ask my favorite (on a recent tumblr post I answered Sunday in New York, Hot Enough for June, Sullivan's Travels and Le Notti Bianche) but really those few movies are tied with hundreds more.

My favorite films stick with me. My love for Jules et Jim will not fade when a movie I watch next week hits me like a ton of bricks. Like all of my favorites, Jules et Jim will stick with me forever. But even if you are the kind of person with only two favorites, or ten... if you watch Jules et Jim I guarantee you will count it among them.

Jules et Jim is the story of two men -- one German, one French -- who remain best friends during the Great War and when one friend loves the other's wife. It is a breathtaking film; absolutely beautiful and wistful. It stars Jeanne Moreau and one of my new favorite actors, (not pushing anyone aside, just saying "hello" and keeping all the others company) Oskar Werner.

It's not really the kind of film you can describe (or at least not the kind I can describe) so I recommend just watching it to see what I mean when I say that once you see it you will never forget it.

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