Happy Birthday Judy Holliday!

June 21, 2010

There are a few stars who died young, at the height of their careers -- Marilyn Monroe, James Dean and Jean Harlow are obvious examples -- that became legends not only because of their talent and popularity but also because of their untimely deaths. Then there are those who had similar unfortunate fates, but did not reach that iconic status reserved for larger-than-life personalities like Elvis Presley or Judy Garland.

Judy Holliday passed away when she was only 43 years old. I personally think she was one of the greatest comediennes ever, and often wonder what great roles she might have had if she had lived longer. She would have been a fantastic character actress as she got older, probably becoming a television staple in the 80's and 90's playing ditsy, fun grandmothers and crazy aunts.

And did you know that she could sing, too? Here's a video of her singing "Loving You," my favorite of her songs:

She was just SO talented and brilliant, I wish that she had the same kind of following and devoted fan base that other stars do.

The Wind Cannot Read - Music Video

June 17, 2010


The images are all taken from The Wind Cannot Read, and accompanied by the theme song from the movie, sung by Vera Lynn. I tracked down an old 45 in England on ebay and converted it to mp3 to use for the video. I hope you like it!