Leslie Howard news!

April 19, 2009

I saw this in the newspaper this morning and I just had to post it here, because I'm so thrilled about it... The AP is reporting that a monument is going to be erected in Spain to remember Leslie Howard, whose plane was shot down there in World War II. Here is the whole article:

A historical association says it will honor "Gone With the Wind" actor Leslie Howard as a war hero with a monument in Spain near where his plane was shot down by Nazi fighter pilots during World War II.
The Royal Green Jackets association and author Jose Rey Ximena will unveil the propeller-shaped sculpture in July near Cedeira bearing the names of those who died aboard the commercial flight from Portugal to Britain in 1943.

Association President Manuel Santiago Arenas Roca says the London-born Howard joined the Allies and campaigned hard against the Axis powers.
Ximena said Saturday that Germany's government at the time apparently was worried about the negative impact the high-profile actor-director's anti-Nazi publicity was having on its cause.

Two of my classes ended on Friday, so my workload has significantly decreased. Hopefully this week I'll be adding all those paintings I've been saying I was going to add for two weeks!


Terry said...

Thank you for the news.
What a wonderful tibute .
It is well deserved.
Glad to hear your work load is getting lighter.
Have a great week.

Richard Hourula said...

Leslie Howard was a terrific actor and a true hero. Bogie named one of his children for him.

Terence Towles Canote said...

I read about this yesterday. It is great news!

Unknown said...

Terry- Isn't it wonderful? He really deserved it! You have a great week, too :)

Richard- Definitely! -- And I just watched Private Screenings on TCM w/Lauren Bacall, and I am now absolutely hooked on her & Bogie!

Mercurie- Darn! I didn't break the news?

Nicole Newcomb said...

Ohh that is just so fantastic!

Ginger Ingenue said...

Oh wow...I didn't know about this!

Now I have a good reason to go Spain someday, and a GREAT reason to dig out that novel and update the darn ending!!!

Thanks for sharing this, Kate. :)