Premio Dardos

March 08, 2009

Sarah from Cinema Splendor and Millie from Classic Forever both recently received the Premio Dardos award, and were so incredibly sweet and generous as to give me the award as well. You guys deserve it way more than I do, so congratulations again! I absolutely adore your blogs, and always anxiously check my dashboard each morning to see if you've posted anything new :)

The Dardos Award is given for cultural, literary, and personal values in the form of creative and original writing. These stamps were created with the intention of promoting fraternization between bloggers, a way of showing appreciation and gratitude for work that adds value to the Web.The rules are simple:

1. Accept the award by posting it on your blog along with the name of the person that has granted the award and a link to his/her blog.

2. Pass the award to another five blogs that are worthy of this acknowledgment, remembering to contact each of them to let them know they have been selected for this award.

I've picked five blogs that I now follow religiously, and I hope you will too after you read about them here :)

1. Vivienne at the artist side of vivienne strauss. Besides getting me started blogging, encouraging me to do daily drawings, getting me hooked on flickr and generally being a great friend, Vivienne's artwork constantly wows me, and inspires me to be more creative on a daily basis. Her blog features her artwork and thoughts, and if I could bestow on her this award 100 times, it still wouldn't be enough.

2. Carrie at Classic Montgomery. Robert Montgomery has been one of my favorite actors forever, and I am so thrilled that somebody recognizes his talent and is dedicated to keeping his memory alive. That Carrie also writes amazing posts and keeps me updated on the latest Montgomery tv schedules is icing on the cake!

3. Cullen at Cineholla Collective. Cullen's writing is unbelievably superb and witty, and he chooses some of the most interesting films as his subjects. Lately I've especially enjoyed the late 1920's picks, which is a time period that interests me to no end. Cullen is also a graduate of the New School, soon to be my own alma mater :)

4. Elizabeth at Art by Elizabeth Bauman. Staring intently at one of Elizabeth's paintings, a story always unfolds. The lives of the people she's painted come to life before you, haunting you, enchanting you. Although Elizabeth also writes about the background of her pieces, which are usually based on old photographs, the paintings themselves speak volumes.

5. About a month ago when I received the Superior Scribbler Award, I picked Ginger at Asleep in New York as one of my recipients. I'm afraid somehow I jinxed her because she has only written two posts since then!! Nevertheless, seeing as how Ginger writes one of my favorite blogs, I am also going to give her the Premio Dardos award (I know she's received it from others as well, but she deserves it ten times over) She just wrote a fantastic review of one of my favorite films, My Foolish Heart. Please, Ginger-- write more!!!

Thanks again to Sarah and Millie! And even though I singled out these five people, everybody should know that if you are over on my "favorite sites & blogs list" I love you just as much :)


Unknown said...

Congrats, Kate-- you certainly deserve the recognition!

Paul D Brazill said...

I'll check out the others, but Cullen's blog is great. His Pulp Serenade is also well worth a read -even if you're not into pulp fiction. He lso wrote great story for six sentences this week BTW and his music's pretty good too!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Kate! I'm terribly happy for you. You definitely deserve the award.

Love the links - I always enjoy discovering new blogs, even though my reader has nearly 100 in it now!

Caitlin said...

Congratulations! And because I think you deserve it so much, I'm sending another one your way. ;)

Unknown said...

John-- Thanks so much!!!

Paul-- I think I did read his six sentences piece this week. It was very good!

casey- Thanks so much!!! I don't think I'm up to 100 yet, but it's getting close!

Princess Fire & Music- Thank you so much!!! I really appreciate it :)

Elizabeth said...

Thanks so much, Kate, for including me here! And congratulations to you. :)

vivienne strauss said...

Congratulations and thank you! Shame on me for being too lazy to do the follow up work. I only follow your blog, Linda Crispell's and Elizabeth's on a regular basis :)

Ginger Ingenue said...

Thank you, Kate! And congratulations of receiving it yourself! :)

Out of all the blogs I'm reading now, yours is definitely in the top five best!! :)


"Please, Ginger-- write more!!!"

Aw...I'm sorry I don't write more...I swear, I need someone to tell me to write, and what to write, and when to write it. ;)

There's a story about James Joyce in Stephen King's book ON WRITING that always makes me laugh...he says Joyce was distraught and sprawled across his desk when his friend came to visit. The friend asked what was wrong, and Joyce said he had only managed a handful of words that day...the friend said, Well, that's better than nothing...and Joyce said, Yeah, but I don't know what order to put 'em in! ;)

That's how I always feel...I've got the thoughts, but where do I put 'em?


I HAVE managed to lay out some ideas for a guest post for you! :)

And thanks again for the award -- for both awards! You're so kind to me, Kate. -- and for all the writerly advice you recently gave me.

Be sure to tell your dad that fifty-something isn't too of my favorites, Frank McCourt, was in his sixties! :)

Unknown said...

That's a funny quote from James Joyce. Although, he wasn't actually concerned with putting words in order, was he? :)

I can't wait to see the guest post!! Very excited!!!