Happy Birthday, Alain Delon! (tribute video)

November 08, 2015

Alain Delon is 80 today! On the plane to Miami last week I was listening to "Tidal Wave" by The Killers and the lyrics at the beginning struck me as a perfect accompaniment for a tribute video --

He’s always trouble with his non-complacent
Shotgun eyes, shotgun eyes
His subtlety, his mystery
Not like the other guys

She’s always taken by his reputation
He’s so bad, he’s so bad
On Saturday night, they’re running for the shadow

I started piecing the video together in my head while I was on vacation and I couldn't wait to start when I got back! I was googling photos of him while I was waiting to board my plane home -- as you do -- and noticed that his birthday was November 8th, which made my video production even more urgent. (I mean, if you can call spending hours frivolously matching up movie clips to song lyrics urgent.) It's been over three years since the last time I made a tribute video, but it was like riding a bicycle. I get so excited when a beat in a song perfectly matches a movement in a clip, or when I find a scene that fits a lyric like a glove.

I only included four movies in the video (L'Eclisse, Plein Soleil, Le Samourai, and The Girl on a Motorcycle) because I was on a self-imposed time crunch, but I definitely have the video-making bug right now so I'm sure I'll be making many more videos using a wider selection of films. Okay, so without further ado, here is my tribute! Happy Birthday, Alain!


Michael O'Sullivan said...

Marvellous, but no clip of the stunning Marie Laforet in PLEIN SOLEIL? Alain is also terrific with Claudia Cardinale in Visconti's THE LEOPARD, another key film for him.

Franchot Tone Fan said...

That was a gorgeous tribute video! I've not watched as much Alain as I should...going to get on that right away.

kate gabrielle said...

@Michael Well this was intended more as a tribute to Alain than his costars, but I might make a whole video for Plein Soleil and she'd definitely be included in that. Burning the movies to my computer is time-consuming but I do want to include The Leopard in future videos once I have the file on my hard drive.

@Franchot Tone Fan Thank you so much! He's really amazing, I highly recommend Plein Soleil (Purple Noon) as a starter film. He's SO GOOD in it, and that's the one that really got me hooked :)

Hamlette (Rachel) said...

Very cool! The only thing I've ever seen Alain Delon in is Texas Across the River, but I've seen that a dozen times, so it always feels like I've seen him in more things. Have you seen his Zorro? I'd really like to watch it at some point!

Anyway, lovely tribute video :-)

Millie said...

YUSSSSSS. Can't wait to watch this when I'm off work/out of class! Also, I LOVE The Killers. Didn't know you were a fan! Also, also, I have been super slowly working on a Bradford Dillman vid. This makes me want to work a little harder. Haha

kate gabrielle said...

@Hamlette Thank you! I actually haven't seen Texas Across the River yet, but considering how often you've watched it I'll take that as a recommendation, haha! I haven't seen his Zorro yet either, but I'm really looking forward to it! He seems to have been made to play that part. I did see Le Tulip Noir, where he plays a masked swordsman (actually he plays masked swordsman TWINS!) during the French revolution, and he was pretty fantastic in that one :)

@Millie haha thank you! The Killers are a recent development, Brandon Flowers did the vocals on one of New Order's new songs and I've been obsessed ever since I heard it. Do you have a favorite song/album? I can't stop listening to Spaceman and I Can't Stay. And YESSSSS I can't wait to see your video!!!!!! I'm sure it will be evilly genius!

Hamlette (Rachel) said...

TATR is remarkably silly. I consider that a point in its favor.

kate gabrielle said...

@Hamlette I just watched Texas Across the Border and it was so fun! Thank you so much for mentioning it! :)

Hamlette (Rachel) said...

Hurrah! Isn't it delightful silliness? And so quotable! "All Indians look alike in dark." "Old Indian trick. All old Indians know it." "I do not laugh at your pain, but merely its location." I'm so glad you enjoyed it!

vladdy said...

That was fantastic. Some people don't even need talent, they are just so beautiful in a special way the camera captures that they are born to be movie stars. Luckily, Delon was a wonderful actor. (I'm sure he still is, but I mean in his heyday.)

Incidentally, I am happy I found your blog again. I had forgotten what it was called and didn't even realize I had it bookmarked the whole time. I had just been wondering, "Whatever happened to that blog from the woman who loves Dirk Bogarde as much as I do?" I like it here!