Robert Osborne recasts Breakfast at Tiffany's

November 14, 2015

As promised, here is the video of Nicole asking Robert Osborne which movie he'd recast if given the chance. I loved his answer so much, and I thought it was so neat that he had clearly already given this topic some thought. I forgot to edit the video before posting (and I'm obviously too lazy to go back and fix it) so it starts with the end of the previous question.

On a related note, my mom mentioned the other day how great Shirley MacLaine would have been as Holly Golightly and I think that would have been perfect casting! She has that flighty quality that Robert Osborne was talking about, and it's perfectly conceivable that her Holly could have once been Lulamae Barnes. I like Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffanys more than Robert Osborne does, but it's still fun to play around with hypothetical re-casting :)


Nicolas Akmakjian said...

Thanks for posting that, Kate.

As I said in another comment last week, my wife and I were about 10 rows behind you when this question was asked. We both thought it a great question, and yes, it's great that Robert had clearly thought about it.

Isn't he amazing? No matter how obscure the movie, he will immediately offer up a bit of information about it that tells you he really does know what he was talking about. Encyclopedic mind for movies.

Sally said...

Thank you for posting! This is such a great answer! I've heard that Truman Capote imagined Marilyn Monroe in that role and I love that he agrees! (I do too!) So cool!!

Sarah Mann said...

WOW I cannot believe how that answer was right there for him! He is so brilliant. Yay Nicole!!