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August 09, 2010

Ok, now that I've (hopefully) got your attention, I'd like to announce that this week is officially Dirk Bogarde Week! (wheee!!!)

August 10th marks one year since Dirk Bogarde was featured on TCM's Summer Under the Stars. In Kate World this means one year since I discovered my new favorite actor. And in Silents and Talkies World it means one year since I started annoying the heck out of all of you with my incessant posts about my new-found favorite. So OF COURSE this calls for a celebration!

I'm really really hoping you'll stick around and pop back in throughout the week to check out all of the Dirk Bogarde Goodness that I have in store. Tribute videos, artwork, movie reviews, drop dead gorgeous pictures, new scans and me doing my darnedest to convince everyone how awesome he is!

Usually I like the whole "save the best for last" way of doing things, but I am SO excited about my big tribute video that I couldn't really wait until the end of the week to post it! It's a montage of clips from 15 Dirk Bogarde movies set to I'll Be Seeing You by Francoise Hardy and Iggy Pop. Enjoy!!! :)


Terence Towles Canote said...

I'll be looking forward to your posts this week. And I have to say you did a great job on the video. I love your choice of clips. And I love your choice of song. Who would have thought Iggy Pop and Francoise Hardy would make such a great combination?

Millie said...



I shall celebrate by finally watching Wind Cannot Read...;-D

This is actually quite exciting news! :-D

Because Dirk is awesomeness...I mean in case you weren't aware of that! ;-D

Sarah Mann said...

^I'm with Terry, I double-taked when I saw those 2 names together! And it's a great song!!

I'm so excited for DB week, WOOHOO! And that video is just aldkfjaldkfjadlk O M G

Andi B. Goode said...

Even though I'm slightly late in commenting, hurrah for Dirk Bogarde week! I think it's awesome that you celebrate this sort of anniversary, by the way. It made me wonder when I first took note of him...I think it was last July? I hired some of the Doctor movies on a whim (by whim, I mean I, for some reason, was looking at pictures of Dirk and thought 'Hm. Why am I not watching his films?' and forced one of my friends to watch them with me ;]. But I think it was reading your blog that made me get more into his films!
-Andi x