He gazed a gazely stare

August 11, 2010

I think that like 80% of what I write on my blogs is pretty lightweight fluff, but one post that I'm pretty proud of is the review that I wrote on The Mind Benders last October. In it I said that Dirk Bogarde's performance was the best of any actor in any movie I'd ever seen. Astonishingly, I think that over the course of the last year the only performances I've observed that could have possibly surpassed this one have all been played by ... Dirk Bogarde.* I obviously think he's a feast for the eyes, but that would just make him my number one movie crush. He's my favorite
actor because he is just so good at his job that it's almost incomprehensible. And even if some of his other roles have come close, I still think that this is the best example of his range, depth and skill as an actor. Please check it out if you haven't already :)

And now, here I go again... scenes from The Mind Benders set to David Bowie's The Man Who Sold the World. It might look like this week is turning into "David Bowie and Dirk Bogarde Week", but I promise, musical variety is on the horizon ;-D

*Okay, one exception. Oskar Werner. He's pretty darn good.


Simon said...

Bowie and Bogarde in one video? i always thought it was too much to ask...

Sarah Mann said...

oh my GOSH I saw the title of this post and knew exactly what song it was and got so excited! That was the GREATEST Mind Benders video ever! I seriously need to watch it again, I've missed it :)