Artwork for Le Notti Bianche

February 15, 2010

More artwork in my new style :) Just to clarify- these are acrylic paintings with image transfer on top, they are NOT digital. This one is from Le Notti Bianche; this particular scene absolutely broke my heart..


Millie said...

Wowzie Kazam! I am amazed at the speed in which you create this beautiful pieces of art.

It's truly amazing.

The colors are vibrant and perfect. I've never even seen that film, but from the painting I can almost feel the story (okay that sounds completely idiotic! Sheesh! I can't explain!)

Anyway, I think it's brilliantly beautiful!

Millie said...


...not "this"!

Elizabeth said...

Another great one!! This is such a fantastic series!

Sally said...

I agree with above commenters! These are wonderful! This series is great!