The Slender Thread

February 22, 2010

Yesterday Millie wrote a post about The Slender Thread (1965) that got me so interested in seeing the film that I put aside a Dirk Bogarde re-watch to see this movie instead. The film is about a college student, Sidney Poitier, who receives a phone call from the suicidal Anne Bancroft while volunteering at a crisis hotline center. Both of them gave mind-blowing performances but I was especially taken with Anne Bancroft. I've actually never seen her in anything before (if you don't count her early role in Don't Bother to Knock) and boy did she impress me! She has such a collected way of falling apart, if that makes any sense.

Do yourself a favor and read Millie's amazing post, and then you have to see this film! Millie has a link to the YouTube upload in her post, so definitely check it out!


Elizabeth said...

Your artwork keeps getting better and better! :)

Terence Towles Canote said...

I love the painting. Great work as usual! I've always wanted to see The Slender Thread, as it has an intriguing concept. And I've been a fan of Sidney Poitier since I was a kid!

vivienne strauss said...

It looks great, too bad it isn't available on dvd... Kate, please tell me that you've seen The Graduate!! That is her best role, ever!

emma wallace said...

That painting is so stunning! You really captured her emotion.

I've only seen her in "Great Expectations" but I love Sydney Poitier so I'm going to have to watch this one too.

Millie said...



And, I'm so utterly happy that my crazy semi-review made you watch the movie! :-D