Ruthelma Stevens, revisited.. again

June 18, 2009

I don't know if anyone else ever does this too (I'm hoping you do so I don't feel like such a silly idiot!) but I was typing in search terms on google to see where my blog showed up (I feel so foolish admitting this) and when I typed in "Ruthelma Stevens" I came across a TCM Movie Morlocks blog post from last October about The Circus Queen Murder. (By the way, my post was on page 2 in case anyone was curious...)

The TCM blogger moirafinnie decided to highlight a different forgotten star from the film, Dwight Frye (the Circus Queen's husband, and fellow trapeze artist extraordinaire) They only give a small, passing mention to Ruthlema (and a backhanded compliment, "a character played with some considerable warmth by forgotten starlet Ruthlema Stevens") but the main reason I was so excited to find this post is the lobby card they have pictured to accompany it. It has a picture of Ruthelma on it!

I was shocked to find this, especially because it seems like this poster, just like the other one I featured, doesn't have her name on it, despite the fact that she is the female lead! Also, as I mentioned in my first post about Ruthelma, I couldn't find one single picture of her on the internet when I was researching my post. I was just so giddy to find this that I had to share it with you!


Richard Hourula said...

What a cool lobby card. Adolphe Menjou looks so young. It seemed he was the distinguished older gentleman throughout his long career. If you've never drawn him I think you should consider it.

Elizabeth said...

I know what you mean about googling terms to see where your blog comes up! Except I've never actually specifically looked for me, but I find myself in the search results all the time. Apparantly I'm the only one with 1920s knitting patterns, Minta Durfee (my Flickr), and Al Bowlly.

Unknown said...

Richard- I don't like him personally, which is usually an impediment for me drawing someone, but since you asked-- I'll draw :)

Elizabeth- you temporarily have the market cornered on Al Bowlly-- at the end of my summer song of the week series (where I'm only doing singing movie stars) I'm going to do an Al Bowlly post :) I have to go check out Minta Durfee though!