Jean Arthur and Fatty Arbuckle

February 28, 2009

I did two paintings tonight, Jean Arthur and Fatty Arbuckle. More exciting? My one month anniversary contest is over as of two hours ago! I'll be picking the winner and posting it when I am finished with this!!!! Yay!
Here are the two newest paintings. You can read my previous post on Jean Arthur by clicking on the link under her portrait.

Fatty Arbuckle


Millie said...

This painting of Jean is positively AMAZING!

Elizabeth said...

Oooh! I love the Roscoe! (I'm a huge fan of Roscoe Arbuckle.) They both look great!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Millie

Elizabeth-- THanks. I know I probably should have named it Roscoe Arbuckle, instead of Fatty since he didn't like that nickname, but he used it in a lot of his movies, so... oh well :)

Nicole Newcomb said...

I love the Jean Arthur, it looks identical to her. Great job on it as well as the Roscoe one. :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks Nicole!!