Joan Blondell

February 16, 2009

This is the painting that I was working on last night-- I ended up having to replace the background on the computer after I scanned it because the scanner couldn't capture the right color. But this is exactly what it looks like in person, now.

I wrote at length about Joan Blondell in an earlier post, but this time I'd just like to alert all non-TCM viewers to the fact that a new Joan Blondell movie is being released on DVD next month. She isn't quite the star, her role is more secondary, but it's a very good film and I highly recommend renting it as soon as it comes out. The movie is Other Men's Women, and the stars are actually Mary Astor and Regis Toomey. I had so much fun watching Regis Toomey in a starring role, since in the 40's he usually was relegated to small bit parts, albeit very memorable ones.

Joan is one of the few pre-code actresses that actually has a substantial number of films on DVD. But it's really only a small percentage of the films that she made at the time. I feel like I'm becoming obsessed with the DVD-availability thing. I just think its rotten that so many, many great movies are NOT on DVD, and yet - some examples - Saw V and Hellboy II were released onto DVD only months after they left theaters. I counted over 30 Joan Blondell movies made before 1938 that are not on DVD. Over 30!

My main concern is that these films are unvailable to people who don't have Turner Classic Movies. I think 9 out of every 10 movies I watch on that channel are fantastic, and everyone who wants to see them should be able to. It's a whole world of great art and entertainment, and it's just a darn shame that it's so hidden.


Raquel Stecher said...

I love Joan Blondell. The colors you have chosen for your piece really work. Good job.

Unknown said...

Thanks Raquelle :)

Sweet Pirate Betty said...

Hiya! Saw this on your flickr too. It looks fab! I love the use of the two contrasting colours, it really works! :)

And lol at the Saw v and hellboy comment! I totally agree with you on that topic! I'm suprised they havn't put more old movies on dvd, yet keep churning out new trash all the time.

elena-lu said...

love the colors, you did an excellent job!

Unknown said...

Thanks Sweet Pirate Betty & Elena-lu!