Bette Davis

February 10, 2009

I know that I already drew Bette Davis, and there are hundreds of movie stars I still haven't drawn, but I had to come back to Bette tonight. I'm on a bit of a Bette Davis kick right now. I just watched The Girl from 10th Avenue, Front Page Woman, The Petrified Forest, and then topped it all off with a nice dose of Old Aquanitance. Bette isn't my all-time favorite actress (that honor goes to Barbara Stanwyck who, yes, I have drawn but haven't posted yet because my sketches never actually resemble her) but she is really high up on the list.

Have you seen Dark Victory? When my mom and I are feeling in need of a break from life's woes, we have all-out scrapbooking movie weekends. We stay up until the wee small hours and watch movie after movie after movie (getting very little scrapbooking done because we are usually so engrossed in the telly) and every single time we do this, Bette Davis is usually the main attraction. We've cried over Dark Victory a gazillion times now. Next weekend we are going to practice this mother-daughter ritual, and I have some real good tearjerkers lined up just for the occasion. Dark Victory? Check! Mr. Skeffington? Check! (By the way, isn't Claude Rains an absolute darling in this movie?) Now Voyager? Check!! The Bride Came C.O.D.? Check (not a tearjerker, but one I really like) I'm also renting The Old Maid from Netflix, which I've never seen and absoutely can't wait to!

So after watching a steady stream of her films over the last week, and in anticipation of my Bette festival awaiting me this weekend, I just had to do another sketch.


Anonymous said...

I think the sketch of Bette is wonderful. I have a hard time watching Dark Victory for that tearjerker aspect. But, The Bride Came COD is one of my favorites!

Millie said...

Ooh, love this sketch!

Unknown said...

Thanks NoirGirl & Millie!

Lauren said...

Hey thanks for commenting!and following my blog! I will seriously add some of those silents to my netflix que! I love silents but you totally need recommendations to find some of them ya know?
I'm glad someone else is in the same boat as I am (budget and style wise) but we can always dream, and be inspired by vintage retro funkiness! your coat sounds cool!

Unknown said...

Have you seen "Of Human Bondage"? That movie made me fall in love with her! It is also one of my favorite books.
I'm Christine, btw. Lovely blog! :)

Unknown said...

Hi Christine. I have seen Of Human Bondage (I just watched it recently actually.) She is really great in that film; I can see how it got you hooked :)