Katharine Hepburn

January 28, 2009

My favorite Katherine Hepburn movie is Alice Adams, a melodrama from 1935 that really tugs at the heart strings. (Yay! It's on DVD so you can rent it if you haven't seen it yet!) Katherine Hepburn plays a young schoolgirl from a poor family, awkward but eager to fit in. I won't give away the story, but it is so incredibly touching and heartbreaking.

It's almost 7AM as I'm writing this, so I am incredibly tired-- my wit went to sleep about five hours ago... so to sum up how great Katharine Hepburn's performance is in this absolutely wonderful little movie, I will leave it to a pro. From the Amazon.com review of Alice Adams, words I wish I had thought of myself that perfectly express what I wanted to say: "Hepburn's performance, whether Alice is chattering pretentiously or briefly lowering her guard and revealing her loneliness, is simply incandescent."

Black prismacolor marker on white sketch paper, mounted on black cardstock.

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