Jean Harlow

January 26, 2009

Much like Marilyn Monroe, the most famous blonde bombshell, Jean Harlow had an amazing acting ability and perfect comic timing. (Off subject, but I recently watched All About Eve and realized that one of the best acting performances in the movie was actually given by Marilyn Monroe!) Also like Marilyn, Jean wasn't usually recognized for her talent because most people were only looking at the surface. And unfortunately, she also met a very untimely death. She passed away when she was only 26 years old.

Luckily, Jean Harlow's star was shining bright at a time when the Hollywood studios churned out movies like a Ford Assembly Line-- in her short span on screen, she made 25 films! She could play sappy or slapstick; hard boiled or sweet. She was a pro at comedy, and it's a shame that she died just as screwball comedies were beginning to flourish- seeing examples of how great she would have been in these kooky comedies in Libeled Lady and Personal Property, it only makes you wish even more that she had lived to make more films.

A few of her films are on DVD, and I highly recommend seeing every one of them, in particular: Red Headed Woman, Dinner at Eight, Libeled Lady and The Public Enemy.

(Prismacolor marker on white sketch paper, mounted on black cardstock)

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