My picks for the Special Home Edition of the TCM Film Festival

April 14, 2020

Since the TCM Film Festival was cancelled, the network has launched a Special Home Edition of the festival instead! They'll be showing events and films from festivals past, as well as a few new treats that had been intended for this year's fest. Normally I have a hard time choosing which movie to pick when 5 great films are all scheduled at the same time, but this year my only struggle is deciding which movies to record on my limited DVR space, lol!

I will definitely be utilizing my DVR for films that are playing while I'm sleeping or working, but I definitely recommend trying to watch the films live if you can. Not only has TCM promised exclusive content and special guests, but watching something live while you're logged into your favorite social media app can help make the festival feel even more real. The collective laughter and the feeling of a shared experience at the movies can still be accessed remotely through the wonder of the internet :)

Without further ado, here are my picks:

4/16 at 8PM EST - A Star is Born (1954) I actually just watched this for the very first time last week, and I really enjoyed it! I had only seen the 1937 version and I'd always been so sure that nobody could ever rival the performances of Janet Gaynor and Fredric March so it wasn't even worth giving the other adaptations the time of day. But Judy Garland and James Mason were outstanding. There was one scene where Judy Garland was talking through a kind of dry-heave cry that was so heartwrenching I found myself suddenly situated in the "why didn't she get an Oscar for this?!" camp. I still prefer the original, but I enjoyed this so much that I'm already looking forward to revisiting it again this Friday.

4/16 at 1:45AM EST - Luise Rainer: Live from the TCM Classic Film Festival (2011) I adore Luise Rainer and I'm so sad that her appearance at the festival came 3 years before I was able to attend in person. My only concern in watching this is that I'm afraid she'll mention her distaste for my personal favorite of her films, Dramatic School. It's the loveliest film about a girl who gets lost in her daydreams and even though I've read that she wasn't fond of the movie it's been a favorite ever since I first saw it in high school. I have a habit of really loving movies that the stars didn't like (another one that comes to mind is The Notorious Landlady, a film that I love but Jack Lemmon did not.)

4/17 at 8:30AM - She Wore a Yellow Ribbon (1949) I'm trying to be more open minded about westerns now, ever since I watched a few with Chad Everett last year and realized they're actually very enjoyable! And since those were sort of B-tier westerns (one was never even released into theaters) I'd imagine that I'll really like a Grade A film like She Wore a Yellow Ribbon. Besides, I just need to fix the fact that Donovan's Reef is my current favorite teaming of John Ford and John Wayne. That's not acceptable, right? lol

4/17 at 12:30PM - A Hard Day's Night (1964) This was one of my all time favorite experiences at the TCM Film Festival. Me and Nicole had tried to get into a pre-code on standby and didn't make it, so we decided to get in line for this on a whim instead. Two hours later we were full fledged Beatles fangirls! I cannot wait to revisit this and relive all of those fun memories!

4/17 at 3:15PM - North by Northwest (1959) This is one of those movies that I end up watching pretty much every time it airs on TCM, so whether it was part of the festival or just showing on a random Saturday, I'd probably have it on. It's my brother's favorite Hitchcock movie so my family has enjoyed this one countless times over the years and watching it always takes me to that warm cozy fuzzy family memory place. We could all use that right about now, right?

4/17 at 8PM - Harold and Lillian: A Hollywood Love Story (2015) I watched this on the recommendation of my friend Raquel from Out of the Past and it's one of those movies that not only lived up to, but exceeded my expectations. It is one of the sweetest documentaries I've ever seen in my life, and as an illustrator I couldn't help but feel in awe of, and inspired by, Harold's storyboard art. Raquel will be live-tweeting this while it airs so be sure to pop over to twitter and follow along with her!

4/17 at 3:15AM - Night Flight (1933) I have six words for you: Robert. Montgomery. movie. I've. never. seen. That's all I need to say, right?

4/18 at 6AM - The Man with the Golden Arm (1955) I can't pass up Frank Sinatra's greatest performance! Ever since I was 13 it's been one of my life's missions to preach the gospel of Frank Sinatra's acting talent and there is no better display than this film (except maybe From Here to Eternity. And The Joker is Wild. And Kings Go Forth. And. and. and.) His portrayal of a man trying to battle addiction while tied down to an overbearing and deceitful wife is staggering! It's also a lot to take in at 6am so I'll probably be DVRing this one and watching it later in the day with some chocolate to help get me through.

4/19 at 9AM - Peter O'Toole, Live from the TCM Classic Film Festival (2012) This event occurred two years before I was able to attend in person, although meeting Peter O'Toole's wax figure at the wax museum on Hollywood Boulevard was definitely one of the highlights of my 2014 trip!

Peter O'Toole was such a fascinating man - one of those actors whose offscreen life was just as interesting and lively as their onscreen life, someone who had a quick wit and a sharp tongue. I cannot wait to hear all the stories he had to tell Robert Osborne in 2012!

4/19 at 8PM - Floyd Norman: An Animated Life (2016) Floyd Norman was one of the announced guests for the 2020 Festival, and I was really looking forward to hearing him speak and seeing one of the films he worked on, The Sword in the Stone. I love that TCM still found a way to honor him during the Home Edition of the festival! Animation is often a tedious, thankless art form and I love that TCM has been honoring the artists behind the animated films we all love so much!

4/19 at 1:45AM - Baby Face (1933) Is there any better way to round out the festival than with pre-code Barbara Stanwyck sleeping her way up the corporate ladder? I think not! I have seen Baby Face more times than I can count, but I am super excited about watching it again and experiencing it as part of this stay at home festival.

Two films that I would normally LOVE but have decided to skip out on this year are The Seventh Seal and Jezebel. I love me some Ingmar Bergman and Bette Davis but I'm not in a plaguey mood at the moment. I know, that's normally right up my alley, but I just can't. If you're tolerating the outbreak situation better than I am, though, I highly recommend both films. The Seventh Seal is phenomenal and I really wish I was in the mood to watch it. I may tune in before it starts to see if they include the interview with Max Von Sydow, though. It'll be showing at 6:45AM on 4/17 if you'd like to watch!

And that about wraps up my picks and recommendations! One thing that's actually cool about the festival this year is that all the people who never got to go in person get to participate this time around. I always have very intense FOMO on the years that I stay home, so it's nice that we all get to experience it together this year :)

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Jess said...

Ooo this sounds like fun! I hope you enjoy your home edition of the film fesitval. I love the Beatles films, they're so kooky. X