Classic movie Christmas presents!

January 02, 2019

I got some pretty cool classic movie themed Christmas presents last month, and I thought I'd share some of my favorites! First of all there's this Russian book about Alain Delon (technically from my grandmom but I picked it out myself, ha!) The ebay listing led me to believe that it was going to be mostly photos, but it's a full-on Russian biography that I will never be able to read, and I love it anyway! It's just such a cool piece of Alain Delon memorabilia. And there are *some* photos, which I will be scanning and sharing here soon! :)

Nikki surprised me with this Yugoslavian Sunday in New York poster! My Christmas stockings were hanging in this spot and it's probably the first year ever that I was eager to take down Christmas decorations, because I was just so excited to hang this up!!

My parents got me this 8x10 Sunday in New York still for Christmas! Someday when I have more room I want to dedicate a whole gallery wall to displaying all of my Sunday in New York posters, lobby cards, and stills.

Also from my parents, three movie tie-in books to add to my collection! My mom said she spent hours perusing ebay for books that I didn't already own (oops -- I do have Once a Thief! But two copies is even better than one!!) I just adore that cover for Move Over, Darling!

Finally, I got the Criterion DVDs for my two favorite Ozu movies, Late Spring and Tokyo Story. I'm especially excited about all of the extra features including full-length commentaries on both films!!  Ozu is the biggest loss for me with Filmstruck gone. I didn't have any of his films in my collection, even though he's my second favorite director. I'm so glad I can watch these two whenever I please now, which will be often.

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Hamlette said...

Compliments of the season! You got some extremely cool movie-oriented gifts. I got the book about the filming of Giant, and I bought myself the Film Noir Encyclopedia with Christmas money, so I've got some fun times ahead this year myself :-)

(Also, I find it completely normal to love a Russian-language bio of your favorite actor that you'll never be able to read. If someone found me a Russian-language bio of Alan Ladd, I would be all over that too. Looking forward to pics!)