TCMFF - Part 2

May 02, 2016

I'm going a little out of order here, but I just need to share Day 3 of TCMFF before I can talk about anything else. Because this, my friends, was Anna Karina day.

You might be thinking to yourself, "but, Kate, weren't there other movies playing that day? Surely the whole day wasn't devoted to Anna?" and that might be true for other festival-goers, but for me this was Anna Day. I got in line FOUR HOURS EARLY. I went back to my hotel and changed into my special Anna inspired outfit (not a duplicate of any specific outfit of hers, more a composite of her various ensembles in Une Femme est Une Femme) Kendahl was equally obsessed, and before we began our multi-hour wait we recreated a classic Karina/Belmondo movie moment.

Despite hanging around for like two hours before they even started letting people get in line, somehow we still didn't manage to get the #1, #2 or even #3 spot in line. I didn't mind, I still got a really good seat, but it was funny how many of my friends were almost outraged at the idea that I didn't get the #1 ticket! haha!

Kendahl, Me, and Raquel

We all look very calm and collected but I think inside all of us were dying with excitement and anxiety. Anna Karina would be there any minute and we had the three seats in the front row directly in front of her.

And here she is! She looked absolutely stunning, that kind of chic that only people who live in France can pull off effortlessly. Her dark eye makeup highlighted her trademark wide eyes, which were legitimately sparkling the entire time (and then welled with tears when she received a long standing ovation before she left.)

Going into this I was hoping so badly that she'd get asked some creative questions or things that were a little more about her than Godard, which didn't happen. And beforehand I really thought I'd be bummed out if it was a Godard-centric interview. Anna Karina is so amazing on her own, but she never really gets her own moment in the spotlight because Godard casts such a long shadow.

And then I was there, the interview was happening, and they could have discussed pickled onions the entire time and I would have been mesmerized. Her presence is so captivating, and just getting to hear her tell stories -- even if they're answers to questions that she's been asked countless times already -- is an experience I'll cherish my entire life.

My attempt at a "selfie" with Anna Karina. Those are my feet.

She spoke a little bit about how she got her start in movies (after turning down a role in Breathless!), when she fell in love with Jean-Luc Godard, and what it was like to work with a director who didn't really care for shooting scripts. I'm not sure if TCM posts video of these events, but if you're interested in learning more she did an interview with Refinery29 earlier this year that covers a lot of the same ground.

If you missed her at TCMFF and you're in the New York area, she'll be visiting this week! She has three different NYC events, including a Friday night Q&A at The Film Forum (I already got my ticket!) I'm not sure if any or all of the events are sold out but it's worth checking out! The Film Forum is also playing all 7 of her collaborations with Godard starting Friday and then running through next week.

This was, by far, my favorite TCM Film Festival moment, including the 2014 Festival and the 2015 Cruise. I am still starstruck and can't believe it happened! In the lead-up to the festival I was having some doubts about whether or not it was worth it. It felt really pricey and, to be honest, I really cannot stand Hollywood -- I know that probably sounds crazy but it's just not my cup of tea at all. The area where the festival takes place is basically Times Square Times Twenty, and unlike Times Square it's kind of unavoidable. That being said, moments like this make up for how much I dislike being in this particular geographic location and they make the price of a pass totally worth it. You're always hedging your bets buying a pass -- maybe someone awesome will be there! You might miss out if you don't get a pass! And this time I'm SO glad I gambled. Maybe next year I'll take a chance again and Emmanuelle Riva will show up? Maybe? Perhaps? Fingers crossed!! :)


Anonymous said...

Such great spots, and I love your outfit!! It would have been so amazing to see her there, but I couldn't afford a pass. I know she made a guest appearance at another local theater this past Friday, but I'm sure it was sold out by the time I even heard about it. After reading your post, I will have to consider saving up for a pass next year... I get those pangs of doubt when they go on sale, but maybe I'll take a gamble at it just to experience the atmosphere for once. (I also avoid Hollywood as much as possible!) As a final note, I wish I just went with my gut and said hi to you on Friday! I wanted to tell you how much I adore your artwork (and the Keaton pin I bought from you) in person!

Millie said...

KAAAAATE THE GREAT! Yes, Casey and I were outraged you didn't get #1. We are profesh bodyguards.

I somehow missed those pics of you with Kendhal. That's adorable! So glad you had this wonderful moment!

Franchot Tone Fan said...

I wasn't able to go to the TCMFF this year (or any year for that matter, lol). Thanks for letting me live vicariously through you! Sounds like so much fun! I definitely have to take a chance and do this sometime. It's unbelievable how close you are to Anna.