Red Sun (1971)

February 18, 2016

Tonight I watched a Charles Bronson western. I was not coerced into seeing it, I chose it of my own free will. WHY WOULD I DO SUCH A THING??? Two words: Alain Delon. (surprise surprise)

Oh, Alain. What won't I watch for you?

A couple weeks ago I watched a war movie. A WAR MOVIE. Like a real war movie with battle scenes and troop maneuvers and lots of running and shooting.

Westerns and war movies... not my cup of tea. But I actually liked both of them? Granted, I'm pretty much like "Alain Delon's face appears on the screen for at least one minute? FIVE STARS." but seriously, I liked both movies.

This one suffered a bit from the fact that he's only a minor character, imo, but the scenes that he's in are pretty darn fantastic and the ones that leave you pining for him to return (just me?) are actually very good too, mostly because of Toshirô Mifune's awesomeness. (Also Mifune and Bronson have a pretty epic love-hate bromance in this movie, which is undeniably cool.)

But for a second I just need to talk about how Delon's character, Gauche, has to be the most bad-ass French outlaw (are there others?) in movie history. For one thing, this man wears the heck out of a black cowboy suit. Whew. And he has that whole "I will kill you with a smile on my face" thing down so well, that you're actually kind of like "yeah! killing!" but in a very I-know-this-is-a-movie-and-I-don't-actually-support-killing-people way. I think it's a Delon thing, because in The Sicilian Clan he literally kicks someone in the face and I'm totally cool with it. He just does it in such an effortless way that it doesn't seem as violent as it really is? If that makes ANY sense.

Anyway. This was a western, and I liked it. (ARE YOU HAPPY MILLIE)

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Jitka said...

A brilliant movie!