Can YOU name every single Hayley Mills movie? Didn't think so! With Kate and Millie

July 05, 2015

In February I got to go visit the one, the only, the Millie in her beloved glorious Washington. While I was there we decided to film a little extremely long video. In it, we tried to name every Alfred Hitchcock movie, every Frank Sinatra movie and every Hayley Mills movie. We did much better with Hitch than Hayley, and kind of mostly okay with Frank. It's a shame we weren't filming when we had breakfast in the morning because we started off with Audrey Hepburn and Cary Grant and did SO GOOD.You'll have to just take my word for it.

I actually finished editing this the week I got home but, being the queen of procrastination that I am, obviously didn't get around to actually sharing it until now, four months later. Oops! I should warn you that it's incredibly lengthy and me and Millie both agree that Casey is probably going to be the only person who watches the whole thing all the way through (thank you Casey!) but we had a ton of fun shooting it and hopefully we can shoot another one when Millie comes to visit me in my not-quite-as-beloved state of New Jersey later this year!

Before I go, can I just say how insanely crazily wonderful it is that I met Millie through classic film blogging over six years ago (How has it been that long?!?!?!) and back then I never would have imagined that we'd get to do this. My love-hate relationship with the internet will always be leaning slightly more towards love if only because of the amazing friendships it has given me. Thanks, internet!


Millie said...


So glad you visited me. You are delightful!


Millie said...

Also, I'm sorry, but my car is out of control loud. Simon doesn't know how to be quiet.

DKoren said...

Totally. Awesome.

And I love the crickets.

Millie said...

DKoren: Glad we name-checked you as one of the few who might possibly actually watch the video! hahah

kate gabrielle said...

Millie - haha you are delightful too. I can't wait until you come visit!! And Simon is definitely the star of the video.

Deb - Thank you! And thank you for watching!! :D

DKoren said...

And no, I couldn't name 3/4th of those Haley Mills films! I did much better on Hitch, but don't know the early ones. For Frank, I kept going "The Detective! The Detective!" LOL. I was going to say "Contract on Cherry Street," but then realized that was a tv movie so didn't count...

Also, what beautiful scenery flying by the window!

Thanks for the amusement!

kate gabrielle said...

Deb - Haha! I feel like if I could just memorize the early Hitchcock films (and I Confess, since apparently I can't remember that one) I'd be pretty good at this game :)

That was one of the most beautiful car rides I've been on, I wish the scenery was as pretty when I'm on the NJ turnpike lol!

Unknown said...

I have not even finished watching this yet but I am interrupting to say that the "modern classics" (Godfather, Trainspotting, etc) that you ~NEED to watch in order to be a True Film Fan is such a point of contention with my film friends and I because it is completely stupid. I still haven't seen Star Wars and don't really have interest in it but, ya know, god forbid I say that and be burned at the stake. STUPID.

Resuming now. I love you two.