Theodora Goes Wild and The Birds

September 20, 2012

On Tuesday night I watched Theodora Goes Wild with Irene Dunne and Melvyn Douglas. It's a really fun screwball comedy from 1936 about a girl from a stuffy town who secretly writes a risque best-seller, and the big city cover artist who tries to save her from her small town chains. I've seen this one countless times, and I think I love it more with each viewing!

My favorite Irene Dunne film is The Awful Truth, and my favorite scene in the movie is when she pretends to be Cary Grant's sister. Well in Theodora Goes Wild she spends a good deal of the movie acting the same way she did in that scene. It's absolutely marvelous!

For yesterday's movie I went to see The Birds on the big screen! I'm sure pretty much everyone with a classic film blog did the same ;) It was so exciting!! I was bedecked in birds to suit the occassion... a bird dress, a bird necklace and a bird from the craft store affixed to my bun. I wrote a little bit more about my fantastic movie-going experience on my other blog, here :)

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Sabrina said...

Love the bird accessories! Awesome!
I got to see Vertigo and Rear Window on the big screen last year, and it is definitely more fun to dress appropriately vintage. :)