Roxy's apartment

July 22, 2012

Hi! It's been a while... whoops! :)

This week I took my mom and grandmom to New York City for a girls' day to celebrate their birthdays (my grandmom's birthday was Monday and my mom's was Friday) and the highlight of our trip was a behind the scenes tour of Radio City Music Hall! I was so excited when I found out that they hosted tours... it's seriously an art deco paradise!

The stage and foyer were amazing (as were the bathrooms or "lounges," which were included in the tour lol!) but I thought the best part was the apartment. Roxy, the manager (at least I think he was the manager, I was a little unclear about what his actual position was) of Radio City during its heyday, lived in the building in a lush art deco apartment. They've kept two rooms -- the living room and dining room-- exactly as they were in 1932!

Gary Cooper visited here!! As did Alfred Hitchcock and I'm guessing lots of other classic film stars as well -- the tour seems to be geared towards impressing modern audiences, so their list of important guests goes right from Hitch to people like Oprah and Lady Gaga...

I wish my photos of the dining room could have captured the grandeur. It doesn't look as amazing here as it did in person.

I kept wishing all of the other tour members would disappear so I could wander around the room and pretend I was on a lavish Cedric Gibbons set! I mean, look at these windows! If I wasn't surrounded by other modern tourists, I would have half expected Joan Crawford or Robert Montgomery to waltz in and ask if I cared for a drink.

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Ceri said...

Yay! You posted here! I hope you'll get back into it. :) I love this blog too.

So jealous you got to take a great tour around there. That dining room reminds me of the Chairman of the Board scene from The Errand Boy. :)