2012 in film: January

February 01, 2012

I thought it would be fun to totally rip off sort of copy Millie's 2011 in film series and keep track of my own movie viewing in 2012! I didn't get to watch as many movies in January as I originally planned, but it was a pretty hectic month so I'm glad I was able to watch any at all!

January: 7 new-to-me movies / 11 total

My favorite new film: Dear Murderer (1947)

I loved this movie so much! It's a fantastic British film noir, with lots of deceit, intrigue and unexpected twists! I've had this one on my "to watch" list for over a year and I'm so glad I finally got around to seeing it, because it's definitely a new favorite!

My new least favorite film: Enchanted April (1992)

I might have enjoyed this if I hadn't been watching it *entirely* for Michael Kitchen. I spent most of the movie just upset that he wasn't in it enough, and resenting all of the other actors for being onscreen when he wasn't. Also two of the ladies' voices drove me nuts, but if Michael Kitchen had been the main star they probably wouldn't have annoyed me as much as they did.

Best movie title: The Wind Cannot Read (1958) yup, Dirk.

Best cast: The Ghost and Mrs. Muir (1947) - Gene Tierney, Rex Harrison, George Sanders, Natalie Wood and Edna Best (Herbert Marshall's wife!)

Worst cast: Hmm... I don't think I watched any movies with an overall bad cast. I would have re-cast Louis Hayward's part in Ruthless (1948) but I guess that's it!

They made me watch it: It's my goal to watch at least one movie every month that one of my friends suggests, and this month I watched Love Letters (1945) at Casey's suggestion! I loved it! I'm not usually a big Jennifer Jones fan (although I love her in Madame Bovary!) but I really enjoyed her performance in this movie and the plot was terrific! And any movie with Gladys Cooper in it is usually a good movie in my book. Thanks for the recommendation, Casey!

Strangest movie: Heaven Can Wait (1943) I LOVED Charles Coburn in this movie and I can finally understand why Nicola loves Don Ameche so much ;) but the plot was truly bizarreness personified!

January's tv obsession: I seem to get hooked on a new show almost monthly... this month it was LOST. I started it about 2 weeks ago, and I only have 10 episodes left. Tv eats into my movie watching time, but I kind of like that when I get wrapped up in the plot & characters I get to spend more than just 2 hours with them ;)

Films by decade:

1940's: 5/4 new
1950's: 1/0 new
1990's: 2/2 new
2000's: 3/1 new

ps. The image I used in my graphic is from my classic film scans blog, and the font is a hand-drawn typeface that I made myself! It's for sale in my etsy shop here.


Millie said...

YAAAAY! So excited about this!

And, um, the mere mention of Wind Cannot Read makes me want to cry pathetic tears of pain.

Heaven Can Wait. The whole time I watched that, I remember thinking -- wow, Ty would be so good in this role. NO JOKE. ;-D It should have happened.

kate gabrielle said...

Aww I forgot that I made you watch that!!

AND WHOA I am so glad Don Ameche starred in it instead of Ty, or else I would never have been able to experience the wonderful bizarreness of Heaven Can Wait ;D

Andi B. Goode said...

This is awesome. :) I'm glad you're doing this - love to see what movies others are watching! I'd love to do something like this but don't really have anywhere that I feel is appropriate to post it (I do keep a handwritten journal for all my movie thoughts, though but only for the new to me ones.) :)

-Andi x

Sophie said...

I love the idea of watching a film each month that a friend suggests - it seems like a really cool way to broaden one's film watching horizons. :)

Kailey said...

Eee Kate, I am totally in love with this post! The header is so gorgeous, and it sounds like such a fun challenge! <3

Nicole Newcomb said...

Aww I can't believe you remembered I love Don Ameche!! That is so awesome. Btw I loooooove the new set- up you have for film list. :D