The Bradford Dillman blogathon

January 22, 2012

Unfortunately I haven't had the chance to watch any new movies/tv shows in preparation for the Bradford Dillman Blogathon: A Jazzier Kind of Noir so instead my contribution is these scans.

I purchased the above photo on ebay recently, and the rest were scanned from two movie photo books I got at a flea market last year. You can view them larger here! Oh, and here is my contribution to last year's Bradford blogathon!


Kelly Robinson said...

So sad that I just spotted this. I'll have to wait until next year for my addition to the blogathon. I have a great idea!

kate gabrielle said...

You should still post something! Millie, the blogathon's organizer, didn't even get a chance to post her's yet, so I think she's going to extend it :)