Sunday in New York tribute

October 03, 2011

This tribute is so long overdue.. Sunday in New York is my absolute favorite film of all time! I know I've mentioned it on here countless times, but somehow I never made a tribute video until now. If you've seen the movie hopefully the video will really make you laugh! :)

If you *haven't* seen the movie.. what the heck? I've been pestering you about it for almost three years now. Hop to it! ;)


Millie said...

DON'T APPROVE THE LAST COMMENT PLEASE! Sent it with the wrong account! haha!



Terence Towles Canote said...

This is so great. I saw Sunday in New York again recently. I love that movie. :-)

Michelle Marie said...

I'm like 80% sure Ive seen this on TCM before, but why am I not sure?!?! AAAHHH Driving me a bit mad.

Well, time to watch it again then, yes? :)