Kirk Douglas and crab grass

December 09, 2010

I originally posted this over a year ago for a post about two Kim Novak films, Middle of the Night and Strangers When We Meet. I thought it would be a nice tribute for Kirk Douglas' birthday to re-post it. While I haven't seen a huge amount of his films, I can safely say this is my favorite moment in all of the ones I've seen. In one thirty second clip he gives suburbia a one-two punch in the gut and all the while keeping that charming grin on his gorgeous face :) Happy Birthday, Kirk Douglas!!


Artman2112 said...

Kirk is simply awesome! Cagney is my all-time fave but Kirk is a close second and often times when waching him in one of his great roles i think- man, that guy is the greatest actor who ever lived!

i do enjoy Strangers When We Meet, nice looking film, great cast, a nicely overwrought soaper all around! Def one of Kim Novak's better roles i think.

vivienne strauss said...

Hilarious cut! If you haven't seen it, my favorite Kirk Douglas movie is The Arrangement.