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October 31, 2010

Sophia Loren

Aside from Doctor Macro, which is a classic film lover's paradise, there really aren't too many resources for large photos of classic film stars. So, I've started a new blog - I've already scanned and edited about 1,000 pictures from books, magazines and original photos that I'll be uploading little by little and I still have thousands more to scan. They're free for anyone to use however they wish. I'll probably not be updating Silents and Talkies much anymore since most of my classic film energies will be with this new endeavor, but you never know..

I'll also take submissions, but the photo must have been scanned by you, not taken from a website. I'll give full credit & a link to anyone who submits scans.

So, bookmark the site and stop by whenever you need a fix of classic movie beauty or a specific photo of a specific star for your blog posts or projects! :)

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Anonymous said...

Thank you. From the bottom of my heart, & on behalf of all classic film fans everywhere, thank you. The Internet is sorely lacking in a resource like this these days. I will immediately add it to the list of Essentials on my blog.