My top ten list

December 23, 2009

Tis the season for top ten lists and so yours truly is jumping on the bandwagon. Mine is ridiculously silly, but I just felt like doing it :) I think it will be an annual tradition on Silents and Talkies, presuming the blog exists long enough for annual traditions to take place.

10. Reels from classic films were used to feed the fire in the burning of Atlanta scene in Gone with the Wind. (Thank you, Terry.)

9. Helen Broderick was Broderick Crawford's mother. (Thank you, imdb.)

8. Jeanne Moreau was a fantastic actress (Thank you, Vivienne.)

7. Despite the fact that I had this name picked out for over four years, finally Christened my blog with it in January and have kept it this way for nearly a year -- this blog has practically nothing to do with silents. (Thank you, brain.)

6. Gail Patrick is pretty awesome. (Thank you, C.K. Dexter Haven.)

5. My ten year search for British movies on dvd in America was finally solved when I discovered The Yammering Magpie, E-Crater and Vintage Classic Movies. (Thank you, Google, Google and Nicola)

4. Polish movie posters are really, really strange. (Thank you, Lolita.)

3. Rod Taylor was Australian! (Thank you, The V.I.P.s, a curious mind and imdb.)

2. Blogging can introduce you to your best friends. (Thank you blogger, Casey, Millie, Nicola and Sarah.)

1. DIRK BOGARDE. (Thank you, God.)


Millie said...

I'm glad you reposted this! :-D

Nicole Newcomb said...

This is such a great list, love all of them especially #1 and #2! :D

Tom said...

Hey Kate, thanks for sharing the links in #5. I found a bunch of films that I've been looking for from the Vintage Classics site. Yammering Magpie is good too; I've found some gems from them.

pjowens75 said...

Thanks, Kate. Looks like, thanks to you, I can add a couple of things to what I've learned, too!

Meredith said...

i like the bold. :) i feel like i've only seen dirk bogarde in darling but his work in it has definitely left an impression on me, so much so that i really need to see more of his films and this post reminded me of it. so thanks.

Unknown said...

"1. DIRK BOGARDE. (Thank you, God.)"


Unknown said...

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